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Key Questions That Clients Should Ask Their Family Lawyer in Sydney

Step one is booking in for a consultation with a reputable family lawyer in O’Sullivan Legal during divorce proceedings.

Step two is the key step – asking the key questions so that you have the right answers to work from.

Here we will look at what some of the those questions should look like, giving you the right type of information moving forward.


“What Is Your Area of Specialty?”

Working in O’Sullivan Legal as a family lawyer in Sydney will give a professional a wide ranging view of the legal system at large, but they often arrive to a firm equipped with a knowledge and background in one type of case. That could include a divorce that has occurred as a result of domestic abuse, through child neglect, through the mismanagement of funds, through addiction issues or other problems that underpin the nature of the case. A client should have knowledge about the profile of the representative and what matters they have experience and expertise in.


“Do I Need To Offer Some/More Concessions?”

99 times out of 100 a family lawyer in Sydney will simply act as a mediator and negotiator where a conflict will stay out of the courtroom and terms are talked over back and forth until an agreement is reached. This is where their core skillset lies, coming to the table with opposition counsel and laying out their legal argument why their client is entitled to certain monies, assets, child custody and any other element that comes into play. In this setting it is worthwhile to ask about what concessions can be made to expedite the process and to showcase to the other spouse that you are working in good faith.


“Am I In Legal Jeopardy?”

The potential for a client to face dire consequences through the legal system can become apparent down the road when it is too late to instigate proactive measures. A family lawyer in Sydney should be quizzed about any jeopardy that could be faced in the ensuring conflict, from assault charges or restraining orders to financial mismanagement charges or other threats that can be used as leverage within the realm of the case.


“Can I Afford Your Representation?”

A family lawyer in Sydney will have their own billing process to suit the profile of their clientele. It can range from a bulked price, an hourly rate, a figure commensurate with the legal outcomes or offered in rare cases on a pro bono basis. A solicitor working in the domain of family law should be able to offer a transparent reading of what the case will cost depending on what types of action are taken.


“What Matters Are Time Sensitive?”

One of the greatest fears that a client will have when experiencing a divorce is not knowing – not knowing what comes next, not knowing where to go, who to speak with or what actions to take. Those individuals who have engaged their counsel through a family lawyer in Sydney should touch on the subject when it comes to matters that are time sensitive. This is a process where weeks and months can go by before tangible progress is made, but it will alleviate stress and doubt if they can be made aware of documents that have to be signed, hearings that require their presence and anything else on the agenda that cannot be pushed back or delayed.



There will be many other questions that you likely have when sitting down with the family lawyer in Sydney. They will largely be dependent on the nature of the case, how willing the other spouse is willing to come to the table and what the demands and terms of the divorce have been established. What should be apparent is the willingness to enjoy an open and honest dialogue. If that is the relationship that is established, the additional challenges can be expertly managed.


Give Your Family The Peace Of Mind They Deserve By Implementing A Professional Dust Extractor In The Workplace



There are all sorts of different jobs out there that will require people to be around heavy machinery and will also have to use heavy tools. While it is much safer to operate such things in modern times due to safety standards, this doesn’t mean that people don’t worry for their safety. For instance, the partner of a roof tiler could constantly worry that they will get a call one day saying that their spouse has fallen from a roof.

Similarly, there are plenty of people out there who work in factories that produce all sorts of different chemicals and substrates which their workers will inevitably breathe in. While this may not be harmful immediately, over time this may have some unknown consequences and so workers should do everything in their power in order to protect themselves. This will not only help them but will also benefit their family as they will be around to support them for longer. And so, here is how to give your family the peace of mind they deserve by implementing a professional dust extractor in the workplace.


When implementing a professional dust extractor in the workplace, people are able to create safe work areas

For many people out there who work in maintenance, they won’t have to deal with the chemical or substrates directly as they will have a workshop where they conduct their tasks. The only problem is that they will have to deal with all of the residue from the factory which can often leave their benches and tools covered in muck. This not only makes it almost impossible to have a clear work space but it also means that it is more likely that workers will be breathing this muck in.

The good news is that people are able to handle the never-ending battle for a clean area by implementing a professional dust extractor. There are all sorts of options available that will suit different sized areas so ever the smallest of areas can be catered to. Not only will this help with ensuring that machinery and tools will last longer but it will also help people give their family the peace of mind that they aren’t breathing in any unnecessary substrates throughout the day.


Implementing a professional dust extractor makes it less likely that people will slip over due to residue caked on the ground

There are all sorts of different chemicals and substrates out there that are created by different factories which means that there is all sorts of different residue that can build up in a work area. While people will usually do everything they can to stay on top of this by sweeping and moping, this is often a futile task that won’t get people anywhere. This means that a risk is created that there is a chance of slipping over or machinery can move because their floors are so covered which makes them slippery.

Thankfully, people can easily implement a professional dust extractor that suits their space size and budget that will allow them to have a completely safe space in which they can conduct their necessary tasks. On top of this, people can feel great knowing that they are protecting their workers if they have any staff members working under them. Furthermore, people’s families can finally have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe while they are making a living all by implementing something as simple as a professional dust extractor in the workplace.


Homeowner Criteria For Selecting Hot Water Cylinders


Homeowners can be left in the dark when it comes to selecting hot water cylinders from their local provider.

Many residents are easily suggestible or willing to opt for the convenient choice given the price and proximity of the installer.

Yet there are some fundamental forms of criteria that underpin how a purchase in this industry can be made.

Of course price is a natural starting point, but if the model lacks durability, requires consistent maintenance or fails to offer hot water on demand for the entire household, then how much will that price tag really come into play?

Let us outline some points of order that will giver you as the customer the best starting guide to selecting a product.


Do You Need An Improvement?

The first criteria that should be examined when it comes to the domain of hot water cylinders is simple – do you need an improvement to begin with? In the majority of cases a system that has been ongoing for upwards of 8-10 years will likely be in need of at least a service, if not an entire replacement. These can be expensive investments to make, yet allowing a poorly performing model to continue will only add to the cost in the long run. Before proceeding with a purchase, run a gauge of how the current product is working and crosscheck this matter with the provider.


shower roomVolume of Weekly Use

Before arriving to an outlet to discuss the range of hot water cylinders on offer in store, you should stop to consider what the volume of weekly use is for the household. Ask yourself some key questions regarding the time taken for showers, how many showerheads are used and if so, if they are simultaneous, any use of baths or spas, how much the washing machine is utilised and the alterations between hot and cold water needs according to the climate. The flow rate, showerhead size and litres per minute gauge are all dependent on the usage within the home.


Energy Star Rating

The energy stat rating system has been evident on household products for decades and can be seen brandished on washing machines, toilets and fridges in homes all across Australia. The same principle applies to hot water cylinders and this gives the customer an ideal gauge to see how efficient and eco-friendly the brand actually is. Determined by an independent adjudicator, this 6-star rating panel takes into account the climate zones and energy consumption figures for heating and cooling, informing the user about how applicable the item is for their particular circumstances.


Installation Logistics and Repairs

Hot water cylinders are broken down into three core groups: electric, gas and solar. The electric is regarded as the easiest model for installation purposes as it can be implemented in indoor or outdoor conditions without much logistical concern. Natural gas products are straightforward if a house already has the infrastructure to support the item, otherwise there can be an extensive project necessary to integrate that system. A solar option will require around one panel for every two residents alongside a tank, making it a double-barreled process. Beyond the installation itself, the customer should discuss any ongoing repairs and how the placement of the item could affect their ability to condition the brand.


Insurance Measures

Hot water cylinders can experience faults. No matter how much a brand will promote its durability features and innovate pieces of technology that makes it an industry leader, you as the consumer need to be protected from any hot water cylinders that do not come attached with a comprehensive warranty and upgrading plan. Homeowners will see residents come and go as the demand for the volume of water changes, ensuring that there should be the chance to upgrade and alter the system when those facts come into play.


Why You Should Get Professional Rubbish Removal In Sydney



Doing things by yourself can often be an easy way to learn new skills, but when it comes to rubbish removal in Sydney, it’s best left to the professionals. At the end of the day, trying to dispose of household or commercial waste with the services of a professional company is going to cost you far more time and money than you would expect.  Sometimes outsourcing to those with the expertise and skills to get the job done efficiently just makes sense.

We explain below why you should save yourself the hassle, and get some professional help.


recycleIt will cost you less

A lot of people or companies think trying to do everything themselves will save money, when in actual fact the choice not to outsource to a third-party is usually more hassle than anyone would expect and far less cost-effective for rubbish removal around Sydney.

Rubbish removal in Sydney is expensive business, and without the scales of economy  afforded to professional companies dedicated to getting rid of waste many small businesses find that it is unaffordable to do it alone. Whilst visits to the local waste processing facility might be inexpensive or completely free in some places, that’s not the case for capital cities.

The cost of hiring tools, staff hours, transport and paying facility fees to throw things away adds up quickly. For the average homeowner it is highly time consuming and exorbitantly expensive and can easily become unaffordable for businesses.

Companies whose sole focus is rubbish removal in Sydney are able to keep their fees relatively low as they manage and process garbage in bulk. Most of these companies manage and own their very own processing facilities and can negotiate good rates with local disposal facilities because of the volume of junk that they are recycling. They also have the means to run their own recycling or reselling programs.


It will save you time

For one man bands, or just the inexperienced getting rid of garbage can be very time consuming. The process of breaking items down, throwing them away, getting them to the processing facility and the clean up afterwards can easily eat up many hours.

Having a professional and experienced team arrive to do it can save a significant amount of time. These companies and their employees have all the right tools and equipment to get things done extremely fast.  What is likely to have taken a significant amount of time will take less than a day with a professional company. Their efficiency will reduce man hours and take the stress out of rubbish removal in Sydney.


Experience is important

cleaning the bathroom bowl

The issue with trying to do everything yourself is that things tend to take a long time or go wrong without any background knowledge. Believe it or not there’s a bit of an art to rubbish removal in Sydney and specialist knowledge is important, not just for keeping things efficient but also for ensuring the right trash goes to the right place and that everything is disposed of correctly and legally.

There are a lot of rules and regulations relating to rubbish removal in Sydney, and the fines attached to illegal behaviour are hefty.

There’s a lot to consider, especially if it building waste or similar that you are disposing of. Companies need to be aware of their responsibilities and make sure that potentially hazardous materials are removed responsibly; the best way to do this is through a professional company.


It’s better for the environment

A lack of professional knowledge means people often miss opportunities to recycle or reuse items, businesses experienced in rubbish removal in Sydney know exactly what they can and can’t recycle and usually have relationships with local charities.


What Type Of Tasks Will Require Professional Scaffoldings Even When You Believe That You Are Already Safe



As many people out there will know, there are all sorts of different jobs that can arise in life. Some that people will have a little bit of an idea of how to tackle and some others that will need a little bit more research. This is often that case when it comes to some kind of construction work.

The stakes are often quite high when it comes to this kind of work and people will often need to put in a great deal of planning and preparation. For instance, people will need to ensure that they have all of the adequate tools that will allow them to complete the task safely and quickly. When it comes to power tools, people will also need to ensure that anyone who is working on the project is able to use these things in a safe manner.

Even when people have worked with such tools before, things can become a little bit more complication when they have to use these kinds of tools off the ground and so it may be necessary to implement professional scaffoldings.


People will often need to implement professional scaffoldings when they want to paint a building

One of the common tasks that will likely require the implementation of professional scaffoldings is when somebody wants to paint a building. The obvious reason for this is that people will need to reach high up places which is especially the case when a two-story home needs to be taken care of or an apartment complex. While many people will think this is silly and that they should just be able to climb up a ladder and get the task done, this means that they would run the risk of reaching up out of the ladder, falling from the ladder, as well as hurting their feet and lower back.


Whenever someone needs to work from a height for a long period of time, they will need to protect themselves so that they are less likely to become injured while completing the paint job. The truth is that no paint job is worth an injury. As it can be seen, even when people want to do something as simple as paint the outside of their building (even just a touch up) it is always a wise move to be compliant and safe by implementing professional scaffoldings.


People will often need to implement scaffoldings when they want to install new guttering

There are many odd jobs that people must do around the home and some they will need to do more often than not. This is sometimes because they simply don’t need doing as often but in some cases it will be because they are a little bit harder to achieve. This is often the case when it comes to getting up on the roof which is why so many people forget to clear out their gutters.

The only problem is that when people don’t do this on a regular basis, they may find themselves in a position where they will then need to replace those gutters which can, of course, be time consuming and expensive. In some other cases, people will have purchase an already established home only to find that the guttering needs to be completely replaced. But whatever the case may be, people need to ensure that they are completing this task wisely and safely and more often than not the best way to do this is by implementing professional scaffolding in the home.


What To Think About Before You Look For An Abortion Clinic In Sydney



The decision to terminate a pregnancy is a highly complex and involved decision for any woman facing this kind of medical situation. In Australia, you have the right to terminate your pregnancy with the recommendation of a doctor and this can be done either by medical or surgical means.

Obviously, the choice to terminate your pregnancy will have a lot of considerations around it, with some being stronger than others. The most important thing to remember is that there is no objectively correct choice – it’s all about making the right decision that you can be completely comfortable with.

If you are dealing with this situation in metropolitan New South Wales, you will probably be considering visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney to carry out your termination.

This decision also needs to be autonomous, meaning that you can’t be acting under the influence of someone else. You have to sincerely want to carry out the termination and know that it is what is best for you.

With that said, let’s take a look at some things you should consider before visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney.


Are you ready to have a child in your life?

Needless to say; having a child is one of the biggest commitments you can make in your entire life. It basically means that you are signing a contract where you agree to take full care of another human until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

While many people say they want to eventually have children at some point in their life, often times pregnancy can come unexpectedly as the result of unprotected sex or worse. This means being burdened by a pregnancy that was not desired and that you weren’t ready for either emotionally, mentally or physically.

Giving birth to and raising a child is far from easy and can completely change your life. This leads many young people to fear ‘ruining’ their lives by having children too early.

Having a child that you didn’t want and feel resentful towards for limiting your lifestyle choices is never a good idea. It’s better to not be a parent at all than to be a reluctant, neglectful and spiteful one.

It may be true that you are simply too immature to raise a child. If you are still in your late teens/early 20’s and are partying every weekend, having a child obviously isn’t going to fit very well into that lifestyle and you might want to consider visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney.


Can you financially and emotionally support a child right now?

Having a baby is a commitment of resources both tangible and intangible. Your child is likely going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their life and require you to emotionally support them and be their lifeline for at least 18 years.

If you don’t have the financial capital to properly raise a child then it means the child could end up malnourished and be the victim of abuse. It’s no secret that children who are raised in this kind of environment are more likely to end up victims and perpetrators of criminal violence and drug abuse. In these circumstances it’s better to visit an abortion clinic in Sydney.


What are your personal values?

Another consideration to think about before engaging an abortion clinic in Sydney is your personal feelings towards pregnancy terminations and child rising. If you have strong religious or philosophical views about terminating a pregnancy then you may not pursue it when it would otherwise seem like a practical decision for the quality of your life.

Hopefully you will consider the above points before deciding to visit an abortion clinic in Sydney.


Everything You Need To Know About Grand Canyon Helicopter Rides

yellow helicopter

yellow helicopter

When you make it down to Las Vegas, Nevada one of the holiday attractions that everyone talks about doing is a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. These amazing tours are a memory that you surely won’t forget. There are many different providers out there with their own set of rules and regulations but they generally follow the same formula.

Below we are going to explore everything you need to know about Grand Canyon helicopter ride so that you can get soaring in no time at all.


What do you need to bring with you?

Typically for all types of attractions and tours, guests who have booked and are over the age of 18 years old are required to bring some form of photo identification along with them. It is recommended that you bring a camera, your phone or a video camera to capture the incredible sights that you are about to witness from high above.

It is also recommended that you bring some sunscreen and sunglasses if you are doing your Grand Canyon helicopter ride during the sunny periods. Comfortable clothing and shoes are also a bonus as you will be sitting and walking throughout the day.


How do I get to the tour?

Different operators will have different methods of getting you to your vehicle and experiencing your Grand Canyon helicopter ride. Generally speaking though there will either be a shuttle that picks you up from your hotel or there will be a designated pick up point.

The pick-up points are usually at certain hotels that are central to Las Vegas so it is easy for everyone to make it to there at a certain time. Be sure to check beforehand if it isn’t disclosed so you don’t miss out on your Grand Canyon helicopter ride.


Who can fly?


Anyone can fly on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride but children under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by an adult. That means that an adult must be present with them in the air not just to escort them to the location. This is to ensure that nothing goes wrong and the flight is in accordance with the flying laws.

Additionally there is no exception to lap child rules. All Grand Canyon helicopter rides in the Nevada area will not make exceptions for this rule as they are governed by the FAA. To see if your child qualifies to be able to sit on your lap check with the FAA policy and bring along government documentation of your child’s age to ensure the process runs smoothly.


What can you expect from the trip?

view from the helicopter

There are many different providers that promise different kinds of trips. There are luxurious ones with padded seats and leather chairs while others are merely for showing you the area. What you can expect from the vehicle itself depends upon your budget and what you’re willing to spend.

As for the crater itself you will see natural beauty at its finest. There are several points to the route which you can specify which one (or all of them!) that you want to visit. Get ready for some breath taking views and a very knowledgeable pilot when you book a Grand Canyon helicopter ride.

Additionally some companies will also offer DVD and USB recordings of the trip so you can relive it over and over again. This will definitely come in handy for those that forgot to charge their phone or left their camera in the hotel room!

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when getting this kind of experience.

Tips To Tackling Low Traffic Web Pages For SEO Purposes

Low traffic web pages are a source of continual frustration for a Sydney SEO agency.

It is an issue that runs against a fundamental parameter of enticing consumers to engage with your website, to share the content and to ultimately buy into what you have to sell.

There are two distinct types of problems that must be identified in this domain; the first being a drop off in metrics from a steady to high base, with another centering around a site that has started from scratch without a history or earning search engine acclaim.

Although the groundwork of previously established brands can make the challenge that little bit easier to rise again, there are universal setbacks that must be addressed when people begin to look elsewhere.

Here we will discuss a series of helpful tips to ensure that your web pages are running to the best of their potential.


Start Again From Scratch

There is a widely held concept that the best means of tackling low traffic web pages is to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. If there has not been a great deal of research and effort invested into the initial effort, then for the sake of your SEO endeavour it would be helpful to work on a coherent strategy before venturing forward. There is only so long you can attempt to optimise a broken program before realizing it is far more worthwhile beginning with a new approach.


Lengthen Posts With More Content

One of the main issues that arises with low traffic web pages is that the content is simply too thin to warrant elevating the site to a higher authority. Pages that have 100, 200 or 300 word blogs or news pieces are simply too thin to achieve the necessary keyword involvement and to generate interest from the users. SEO advocates have detailed that rich content is the way forward, with written pages of 1000-2000 words often providing the best results on Google. Expand your writing and lengthen what has already been outlined.


Optimize With Multimedia

To confront the problem of low traffic web pages, it is advised that you introduce multimedia content. Search engines thrive off domains that offer different points of contact for keyword access and feed off images and video that entices the user to stay connected. SEO experts will explain in clear detail that video is the most effective form of online media content, so ignoring that advice will be detrimental.

Digital Marketing


Garner Authority From Your Brand

Despite all of these techniques being implemented, you might still fall well short of your objectives. Before feeling like nothing will work to tackle low traffic web pages, it is vital that a comprehensive SEO strategy garners authority on behalf of the consumer base and the individual search engines. This is a long game that requires diligence, persistence and patience.

Alongside a network of peers, a build up of social media followers, and a string of organic site visitors, only then can you start to make tangible changes to address a drop in site clicks. Keep this in mind if you believe as though you have attempted every trick in the book without making headway.



What must be put into context about low traffic web pages is that this is not the only gauge to success, with certain SEO analysts placing this issue low down on the list of priorities for an enterprise. What they often concern themselves with is the bounce rate, as low quality sites can still entice clicks, just without the ability to keep visitors around for long.

Yet it is still strongly advised that you attempt to maximize the potential and the reach of each page as the quantity of impressions can lead to a string of new benefits. Search engines respond in kind to popular web pages, so put your brand down on that list.


Things that Need to be Considered Prior to a Tree Removal



Shrubs are lovely. They put oxygen into the air, they give us shade, they’re a home for the birds, and they’re aesthetically pleasing. But sometimes, unfortunately, a tree removal is necessary. If a shrub is dying or is about to fall down, it may be necessary to ensure people’s safety by displacing it. Or, if you have a big gumtree in your backyard blocking a view of the sea, you may want to get rid of it. In any of these events, it is best to hire a professional to carry out the potentially dangerous work for you.


Here’s a list of 6 things you should do before the big day:

Check if the specimen is decaying

If your shrub is decaying, you need to get rid of it fast to avoid it falling down and causing any damage. Signs that a shrub is decaying include a hollowed out trunk, discolouration across a large portion of the trunk, insects and mushrooms living out of the trunk, and red dust on the ground below it.


Consider any environmental impacts

Before chopping down your shrub, check whether doing so will affect the environment and the local ecosystem in any negative way. Will it displace local animals or will they have alternative plants to go to? You may want to hire an arborist who can assess your situation and report back to you with any possible issues.


logs of trees


Consult with your neighbours

If the shrub is located within the borders of two or more properties, you may want to consider discussing the process with your neighbours and getting their permission first. Do this to avoid upsetting them or triggering any legal disputes.


Analyse any potential property damage hazards

If you’re doing the tree removal yourself, it’s vital to consider any potential risks to property. Also consider safety issues such as whether the shrub is close to power lines or if there are any branches that may be at risk of falling and damaging your roof. There may also be underground hazards, such as pipes and cables which need to be considered, especially when handling the stump and roots.


Check council regulations

You are generally required to confirm with your council to determine whether or not you can perform the tree removal. There are many regulations around the process so do check to find out what these are. You may be required to get a permit to avoid any fines or legal issues.

Certain concerns that the council has around the process include protected specimen, where certain shrubs are not allowed to be displaced except under certain conditions, or whether the land you’re working on is environmentally sensitive.


Ensure the person you are hiring is experienced and qualified

It’s generally best to leave this task to the professionals, unless you yourself are qualified. Ensure that the person you enlist has at least two years’ experience in tree removal work and has the necessary qualifications. They should also have insurance, so that you don’t get caught liable if there’s an issue on their end. By checking for these things, you reduce the likelihood of something going wrong.

A qualified arborist should also have the proper equipment for the job. Tools may include a chainsaw, a ladder, rope, an axe, wedges, a cherry picker, a stump grinder, a wood chipper, a removal truck and safety equipment.



By doing these six things before a tree removal, you can increase the likelihood of the process going smoothly. It is safest to hire an experienced, qualified arborist to do the work.

The Duties of a Community Support Worker

Community support workers are people that support emotionally, physically or socially individuals that are fortunate such as the poor, disabled or even elderlies. These workers are hired by community outreach programs and assist youth or families that require support or rehabilitation services.

In order to work as a community support worker, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any human service associated field. The prerequisites for a community support worker are interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.

Here are some of the duties that a community support worker needs to perform

Personal care

Clients that are incapable of performing their day to day activities are provided with community support workers to help them with said tasks. They also strive to ensure that their clients are living in an environment that is hygienic and healthy. They assist them in chores such as cleaning or cooking.

A community support worker also ensures that their client gets their medication on time. If they require transportation, it is their duty to arrange it whenever needed.

The leisure activities

An essential job of a community support worker is to let their client maintain or develop relationships with other community members. These members may include family or friends.

To encourage friendships, the worker may organize activities. They also may organize parties or recreational activities that provide to the need of their client and also ensure a warm atmosphere.

Community program evaluation

The daily activities of clients are monitored and observed by community support workers from time to time. These are later filed as reports which are then sent to their superiors for evaluation. This is done in order to figure out the client’s program type and which of those fit them best.

The reports also help the superior figure out if the programs assigned are helping their clients. If they don’t, they try and find ways which will improve the output.


Clients, every day, are encouraged to become independent by community support works through training or counseling. There are workshops and seminars that are designed with the intent of aiding their clients to help curate various plans on how to be more independent.

Community support workers also bring in employment opportunities in order to help them stay independent financially. The workers may also work on behalf of their clients.

How much do community support workers get?

As of 2016, it is reported that social workers in the US get an annual salary of $47,460 on average with the low 25th percentile going only as low as $36,790, whereas the 75th percentile is $60,790. There were about 690,000 people who were employed as social workers.

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