6 Tips For Caring For Your Artificial Grass In Adelaide

artificial turf

Caring for your artificial grass Adelaide made requires far less effort and commitment these days. In fact, it requires next to no effort. However, there’s no denying that installing a fake lawn can be initially expensive, so it’s certainly worth doing everything you can to get the most out of your synthetic lawn. If you’ve recently installed the material in your home or place of work, here are # tips you should use consistently to ensure that your artificial grass Adelaide made remains in tip-top shape.

Mild stains

Fake lawns can develop stains and nasty marks. Spilling a coffee, alcoholic beverage or dropping food on the surface can lead to stains. The most important thing is to be vigilant and prompt in dealing with the mess. Make sure you clean up the spill quickly before letting it settle in or dry – this will just make it more difficult later.

Firstly, blot up the spill with a towel. Then, rinse the area thoroughly with water and a mild detergent, since this will hot harm the fibres. Steer clear of things like bleach or drain cleaner, since they could damage the structural integrity of the synthetic fibres.

Bad stains

For very bad stains, you’ll need something a little more powerful. Oil, grease and cooking oil tend to leave grubby, annoying stains that a detergent wash won’t be able to fix. Instead, use mineral spirits to draw out the strain and then clean thoroughly as you would with a mile stain. Rinse the stained area and then blot out the excess. Repeat this until the stain is completely gone from your artificial grass in Adelaide.

Cross brushing

Your average strip of fake lawn can last anywhere between 15 and 25 years. Indeed, the better you take care of your artificial grass in Adelaide, the longer it will last. One thing you can do is to follow a consistent routine of clearing your lawn of debris, rinsing the fibres regularly and cross brushing the turf to enhance its lifespan. To effectively cross brush your lawn, all you need is a stiff broom with strong synthetic fibres. Simply brush against the fibres of the turf, as this will help it maintain its shape and direction.

Sticky stuff

It’s easy for tree sap and chewing gum to become embedded or stuck to the fibres of your artificial grass in Adelaide. Thankfully, these substances are very easy to remove. Either use aerosol refrigerants or dry ice to freeze the sticky material that is stuck to the turf stalks. Once it is completely frozen, you can easily scrape it off the turf fibres.

Removing pet droppings

Cleaning up pet waste on artificial grass in Adelaide is quite simple and straightforward. Unlike other stains, where you want to remove it before it is absorbed into the turf, you want to let solid pet droppings dry before you remove them. Fake turf alternatives drain liquid incredibly efficiently (one of their many advantages), so pet urine won’t linger often. However, if you do start to notice a poor odour or stench, simply rinse your artificial grass in Adelaide with cool water.

Using a rake

To get the most out of your artificial grass in Adelaide, you need to be removing debris frequently. One of the best pieces of equipment to achieve this is a rake. Simply run your rake through the grass every few days to ensure that any lingering debris (like leaves, rocks etc.) is removed. Apart from that, there isn’t much you need to do to keep your fake turf thriving – if the debris builds up, use a leaf blower as opposed to rake!