Areas to Cover With a Melbourne Criminal Lawyer During Private Consultations

Melbourne criminal lawyer meeting a client

Defendants and plaintiffs alike who have been put in touch with a Melbourne criminal lawyer will want to access as much information as they can during private consultations. Whether they have already agreed to the terms of service or just happen to be interested in what they have to offer, men and women will seek enlightening answers that improve their situation.

This is time that has to be optimised regardless of the position of the client because they will not be able to assist around the clock or offer any binding guarantees this early into the case. To be prepared to maximise these consultations with good Melbourne criminal lawyers, it is worthwhile looking at the topics that should be at the top of the conversation.

Discussions With Law Enforcement

If a client has been approached by law enforcement officers and asked questions about the event, then it is essential that a Melbourne criminal lawyer is made aware of those talks. They have the right to be called upon with that representation on hand in future, but if they have been addressed prior to these talks, that is something that should be broached so the solicitor can make the appropriate inquiries.

Acquisition of Evidence

Whether there is direct forms of evidence that will support claims to circumstantial evidence that is demonstrated through personal anecdotes, it is important to discuss with a representative what evidence is in play. This might include DNA testing, documents, statements, surveillance, phone records or anything else that could prove innocence or guilt in a court of law.

Industry Experience

Defendants and plaintiffs who sit down for official talks with a Melbourne criminal lawyer want to know the degree of expertise of these representatives. The field of criminal law is so extensive that it will cover a wide array of subjects, so it is paramount that constituents know they are investing in an operator who has a track record of delivering in similar situations.

Outlining Nature of The Charges

Finding out about the level of risk and exposure that a defendant faces is where a Melbourne criminal lawyer will provide an essential service. This is important information for both sides of counsel as they determine what the risks happen to be and whether or not there is scope for an early plea, for the charges to be reduced or increased given room for new evidence.

Bail Application Process

While victims and plaintiffs do not have to worry about this subject, it will be defendants and charged parties who will be looking to have the bail application successfully overseen. These applications have to be signed and certified through the right legal channels without being rushed, so it is important to talk about this subject in greater detail during those private discussions.

Outlining Potential Legal Avenues

Charged parties will be keen to cover a lot of territory with their Melbourne criminal lawyer, not least of which will be about their legal options. This can cover the taking of an early plea, negotiating for a lighter sentence or filing a not guilty plea, ensuring that the case can go to trial before presenting their evidence.

Detailing an Extensive Schedule

Local constituents have peace of mind when they know that their representative has laid out an official schedule. Once they have agreed financial terms, the Melbourne criminal lawyer will be able to outline potential court appearances, discussions with the prosecution and talks with law enforcement in the coming days and weeks.

It is critically important for defendants and plaintiffs to be informed when they connect with a Melbourne criminal lawyer. If there is a concern that they have run out of time for a private consultation, they need to have their phone number and address available before finding out when they are able to be contacted again for more updates on the case.