How To Choose The Ideal Set Of Roller Blinds For Your Living Room

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When you are decorating the interior of your home, factors like colour and fabric type become important when you want to maximise the aesthetic appeal of the space. This is particularly true when it comes to window furnishings like roller blinds which can make or break the visual cohesion of the space and its ability to engender the mood you want it to.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with interior design, then you might not know where to begin when it comes to selecting window furnishings. While your chosen roller blinds need to serve a practical purpose in helping you control light and privacy in the space, they are also essential as a means of framing the room and creating the desired visual effect.

Let’s take a look at some tips you should follow when you’re out shopping for a set of roller blinds to furnish your living room with.

Choice of material

Interior window furnishings like roller blinds can come in a variety of material types that have different advantages and disadvantages. Some materials like aluminium can help reduce the heat that passes through while block-out verities can completely eliminate sunlight coming through the window and provide ultimate privacy.

Alternatively, you can also choose lighter materials that allow more sunlight to pass through and create a breezy effect in your living room. Generally, a more intimate space is going to have a greater need for light control and privacy than one that isn’t. It all depends on your personal preferences as well as how sunlight enters your home over the course of a regular day.

Choice of operating mechanism

Of course, the way in which your roller blinds open and close is also an important factor to consider. Some options are more convenient and therefore will cost more money to implement, such as a motorised system. Others will be safer for children and pets, like those that exchange cords (that a child or pet can get tangled in) for a twistable plastic wand.

Think about the kind of way you want to use the space when it comes to operating mechanisms. If you want to do a lot of entertaining or movie-watching in the living room, then a motorised system that allows you to easily adjust your roller blinds mood lighting might be worth the investment.

Choice of colour

Now the fun part – choosing the colour you want for your roller blinds. It’s a good idea to think about what the overall aesthetic/architectural style of your home is and go from there. For example, a beachy-style home is going to benefit most from colours that are light, transparent and make the room feel bigger.

On the other hand, a more classic style or brick home might benefit more from darker colours that create a more intimate mood for the living room. It all depends on what your preferences are.

Try to make sure the roller blinds match the colour of the walls, your sofa and other furniture pieces. While they don’t have to all be the exact same shade, you should try to make all the colours as complimentary as possible so that they work towards a cohesive visual effect.

Hopefully the above will make it easier for you to find the ideal set of roller blinds for your living room space. Picking between colours and styles can be difficult if you don’t have much preference and just want something practical, so it can be a good idea to bring someone shopping with you or perhaps go online and find a guide similar to this one.