How To Practice Safety In Tire Inflation If You Are A Mobile Truck Tyre Changer Technician

mobile truck tyre changer
mobile truck tyre changer

The removal, changing and repair of tires is extremely common in the motor vehicle industry as well as for mobile truck tyre changer technicians. Millions of tires are changed every single year, which makes it seem like a simple task. However, mobile truck tyre changer technicians work with very large tires, which can result in injury or death. This is due to specific situations involving the manual handling of the tire and wheel, collapse of an elevated vehicle, explosion of the tire or disintegration of the wheel during inflation and/or being struck by motor vehicles at the roadside. These are some of the more common reasons that injury or death may result in the work of a mobile truck tyre changer technician. There are various dangers associated with the work of a mobile truck tyre changer technician, and here are some ways to practice safety in tyre inflation.

Explosive energy

Inflated tyres can hold a very large amount of stored energy. This stored energy can erupt in force which will be released explosively. This eruption will occur at an approximate angle of 45 degrees from the rupture. This will eject a very destructive blast of air and the projection of high-speed particles. It is obvious that the destructive blast of air can injure, whereas the high-speed particles can injure and also result in death. Furthermore, if the wheel is not restrained whilst the tyre is being inflated, it can end up being ejected metres in the air. This can cause issues as it could hit someone on the way up and on the way down, and since it is very heavy, this can end in injury and/or death.

As these types of explosions have caused numerous fatalities in the industry and it is important to keep the wheel restrained, practice safety in order to not rupture the tyre as well as inspecting it for cuts and splits to ensure that ruptures are not possible.

Mobile truck tyre changer technicians should be aware of this danger.

Ways to practice safety as a mobile truck tyre changer technician

There are many ways to practice safety as a mobile truck tyre changer technician, and these must be followed when doing a job in order to reduce the risk of injury/death significantly.

You should always use a clip-on chuck to connect the airline, coupled with a quick release coupling at the operator’s end. This allows the tyre to deflate from a safe distance and position just in case any problems should occur. Keeping away from the tyre as it deflates ensures that if any ruptures or explosions happen, the mobile truck tyre changer technician will be at a safe distance from any high-speed articles or explosive eruption of air. Furthermore, a long enough hose should be used to allow the operator to achieve the above.

They should also remove the airline after it has fulfilled its intended use, in order to avoid over-inflation and prevent air seepage.

The mobile truck tyre changer technician should not use valve connecters that requires them to hold it in place. In addition to this, they should not exceed the manufacturers recommended tyre pressure for the rating and size of the tyre.

In summary, a mobile truck tyre changer technician faces many dangers in their work, mainly explosions and high-speed particles being ejected. These risks can be significantly minimized by practicing safety in their work. This will help to prevent them from injury and/or death, which has occurred numerous times in the mobile truck tyre changer industry and line of work.