Key Questions That Clients Should Ask Their Family Lawyer in Sydney

Step one is booking in for a consultation with a reputable family lawyer in O’Sullivan Legal during divorce proceedings.

Step two is the key step – asking the key questions so that you have the right answers to work from.

Here we will look at what some of the those questions should look like, giving you the right type of information moving forward.


“What Is Your Area of Specialty?”

Working in O’Sullivan Legal as a family lawyer in Sydney will give a professional a wide ranging view of the legal system at large, but they often arrive to a firm equipped with a knowledge and background in one type of case. That could include a divorce that has occurred as a result of domestic abuse, through child neglect, through the mismanagement of funds, through addiction issues or other problems that underpin the nature of the case. A client should have knowledge about the profile of the representative and what matters they have experience and expertise in.


“Do I Need To Offer Some/More Concessions?”

99 times out of 100 a family lawyer in Sydney will simply act as a mediator and negotiator where a conflict will stay out of the courtroom and terms are talked over back and forth until an agreement is reached. This is where their core skillset lies, coming to the table with opposition counsel and laying out their legal argument why their client is entitled to certain monies, assets, child custody and any other element that comes into play. In this setting it is worthwhile to ask about what concessions can be made to expedite the process and to showcase to the other spouse that you are working in good faith.


“Am I In Legal Jeopardy?”

The potential for a client to face dire consequences through the legal system can become apparent down the road when it is too late to instigate proactive measures. A family lawyer in Sydney should be quizzed about any jeopardy that could be faced in the ensuring conflict, from assault charges or restraining orders to financial mismanagement charges or other threats that can be used as leverage within the realm of the case.


“Can I Afford Your Representation?”

A family lawyer in Sydney will have their own billing process to suit the profile of their clientele. It can range from a bulked price, an hourly rate, a figure commensurate with the legal outcomes or offered in rare cases on a pro bono basis. A solicitor working in the domain of family law should be able to offer a transparent reading of what the case will cost depending on what types of action are taken.


“What Matters Are Time Sensitive?”

One of the greatest fears that a client will have when experiencing a divorce is not knowing – not knowing what comes next, not knowing where to go, who to speak with or what actions to take. Those individuals who have engaged their counsel through a family lawyer in Sydney should touch on the subject when it comes to matters that are time sensitive. This is a process where weeks and months can go by before tangible progress is made, but it will alleviate stress and doubt if they can be made aware of documents that have to be signed, hearings that require their presence and anything else on the agenda that cannot be pushed back or delayed.



There will be many other questions that you likely have when sitting down with the family lawyer in Sydney. They will largely be dependent on the nature of the case, how willing the other spouse is willing to come to the table and what the demands and terms of the divorce have been established. What should be apparent is the willingness to enjoy an open and honest dialogue. If that is the relationship that is established, the additional challenges can be expertly managed.