Advantages of Community Living

As people grow older, the need to stay socially connected and engaged increases for the betterment of our mental health. This is important as people who are unable to maintain connections with their peers are more likely to get a life-threatening disease such as cancer or heart disease.

Active brain

The New England Journal of Medicine published a story in 2010 that correlated spending time with your friends and loved ones with cognitive protection. In its basic essence, the study found doing what you like with loved ones protects your day to day skills.

That is why it is essential to embrace challenges that you’re not familiar with as these keep the neurons active. Try new hobbies that you’ve always wanted to try and keep yourself involved in a charitable cause that you believe in.

Engage in activities that involve both you and your family members such as board games. Dancing and other physical activities are also included that help you keep fit and at the same time, stay moving.

Having a healthy brain will reduce the frequency of developing chronic health conditions as well as increase lifespan.

Enrichment Programs

Living in a senior community offers a calendar that is filled with activities that are rich in life. These activities may be outdoor or on-campus, and these do not exclude elderlies with disabilities. Residents that suffer from Alzheimer’s are given programs that promote self-esteem and also exercises that encourage success.

Food that is balanced

As senior citizens require food that improves their overall health, community living offers food that is well nourished and fresh.

There are many factors that put accessibility of good food out of the reach of elderlies. These include transportation hindrance as well as health conditions. They can also eat their meals while interacting with their friends in a dining room.


Speaking of friends, elderlies have the same, if not a higher need for social interactions than the common population as even they have tough decisions that they’d like to share the burden with.

There is support no matter what in a community such as this as it is comprised of people that are in the wavelength. This thought will bring them comfort as the people in the community also go through the same obstacles or at least share the same experiences.



As with any community, there will be a sense of belongingness throughout. This will help each individual to tackle common issues and celebrate with one another together. You’ll also be able to live independently while also being surrounded by people that share your views and thoughts.