The Benefits Of Using Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture at the patio
Teak outdoor furniture at the patio

If you’re looking at options for your house, whether that be a backyard or a patio, Teak outdoor furniture is always a good choice. It has many benefits that will be helpful in any given situation. Teak outdoor furniture is characteristically strong and durable, which makes it a perfect material for any backyard addition. As it is constantly exposed to the elements outside, you need a material that is very durable; otherwise, your new addition will collapse and fall apart within months.

It has been in use since the middle ages, used for shipbuilding due to its durability and strength. Introduced to the US in the 1950s, it quickly rose in popularity as a good choice for a backyard area. Its popularity continues in the modern age, with Teak outdoor furniture being a primary choice for many household’s backyard areas.

If you are looking into options for your house, or you may just be curious about Teak outdoor furniture, here are the benefits of using Teak outdoor furniture.

It is weather resistant

With any form of additions to your backyard, it is naturally going to be exposed to the elements at any given time. This means the sun will shine on it constantly during the day; it will be exposed to lots of water when it rains and moistness in general, wind when it’s windy, and possibly snow depending on where you live. This means any addition to your backyard has to be very durable and resistant to these elements. Teak outdoor furniture has the ability to withstand all different types of weather. There are few kinds of wood in the world which contain natural oils that repel water, and this is one of them. Furthermore, natural oils prevent it from cracking, warping, or becoming brittle. Moreover, it will withstand harsh and heavy rains, as well as severe snowstorms and the harsh sun. Its strength will not diminish under any of these circumstances, and as a result, it is used in many ski-lodges across the world due to its durability and strength.

It is pest resistant

A big problem in many homes and especially in anything with wooden structures is the presence of pests such as termites. Termites will eat at wooden structures and can cause major damage to structural integrity of a property, as well as general aesthetic damages. Due to this reason, many wooden structures used for backyards are constantly damaged by pests, and it is a big problem. However, the natural oils that occur in Teak outdoor furniture that protect it from water also protect it from pests. The natural oils act as repellents against termites and marine borers. By choosing Teak outdoor furniture, you do not need to worry about the presence and ongoing problems associated with pests such as termites and marine borers.

It is low maintenance

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Teak outdoor furniture does not require much maintenance. This is due to the fact that it does not need paint or varnish. Its high oil content will fade into a beautiful looking even coloured patina and will not look patchy, faded or black.

If you wish to keep its luster, a sealer can be bought from any marine store and applied.

Teak outdoor furniture is very popular for many house’s backyards, due to its strong durability and its ability to withstand the elements. This includes heavy weather such as the scorching sun, heavy and harsh rains and severe snowstorms. Furthermore, it contains natural oils that repel pests such as termites and marine borers. In addition to this, it is low maintenance and will maintain a beautiful colour for low cost. Teak outdoor furniture is definitely the way to go as an addition to your backyard.