Tips To Tackling Low Traffic Web Pages For SEO Purposes

Low traffic web pages are a source of continual frustration for a Sydney SEO agency.

It is an issue that runs against a fundamental parameter of enticing consumers to engage with your website, to share the content and to ultimately buy into what you have to sell.

There are two distinct types of problems that must be identified in this domain; the first being a drop off in metrics from a steady to high base, with another centering around a site that has started from scratch without a history or earning search engine acclaim.

Although the groundwork of previously established brands can make the challenge that little bit easier to rise again, there are universal setbacks that must be addressed when people begin to look elsewhere.

Here we will discuss a series of helpful tips to ensure that your web pages are running to the best of their potential.


Start Again From Scratch

There is a widely held concept that the best means of tackling low traffic web pages is to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. If there has not been a great deal of research and effort invested into the initial effort, then for the sake of your SEO endeavour it would be helpful to work on a coherent strategy before venturing forward. There is only so long you can attempt to optimise a broken program before realizing it is far more worthwhile beginning with a new approach.


Lengthen Posts With More Content

One of the main issues that arises with low traffic web pages is that the content is simply too thin to warrant elevating the site to a higher authority. Pages that have 100, 200 or 300 word blogs or news pieces are simply too thin to achieve the necessary keyword involvement and to generate interest from the users. SEO advocates have detailed that rich content is the way forward, with written pages of 1000-2000 words often providing the best results on Google. Expand your writing and lengthen what has already been outlined.


Optimize With Multimedia

To confront the problem of low traffic web pages, it is advised that you introduce multimedia content. Search engines thrive off domains that offer different points of contact for keyword access and feed off images and video that entices the user to stay connected. SEO experts will explain in clear detail that video is the most effective form of online media content, so ignoring that advice will be detrimental.

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Garner Authority From Your Brand

Despite all of these techniques being implemented, you might still fall well short of your objectives. Before feeling like nothing will work to tackle low traffic web pages, it is vital that a comprehensive SEO strategy garners authority on behalf of the consumer base and the individual search engines. This is a long game that requires diligence, persistence and patience.

Alongside a network of peers, a build up of social media followers, and a string of organic site visitors, only then can you start to make tangible changes to address a drop in site clicks. Keep this in mind if you believe as though you have attempted every trick in the book without making headway.



What must be put into context about low traffic web pages is that this is not the only gauge to success, with certain SEO analysts placing this issue low down on the list of priorities for an enterprise. What they often concern themselves with is the bounce rate, as low quality sites can still entice clicks, just without the ability to keep visitors around for long.

Yet it is still strongly advised that you attempt to maximize the potential and the reach of each page as the quantity of impressions can lead to a string of new benefits. Search engines respond in kind to popular web pages, so put your brand down on that list.