What You Need To Know About Prescription Glasses

prescription glasses
prescription glasses

Looking at purchasing some new prescription glasses? Buying eyeglasses can be a challenge. It can be complicated trying to understand what type is right for you with so many different options available to you on the market. Choosing eyeglasses can be confusing, where do you start? What type of design is right for you and what sort of coatings do you need? There are so many different styles of frames and other add-on options to choose from that it’s near on impossible trying to figure what works for you. Luckily we’re here to help with the essential information you need to know about prescription glasses, so read on and find out more below.

Where do you purchase prescription glasses?

There are many places where you can find new prescription glasses in Australia, although most stores are owned by Specsavers and Luxottica. Certain health providers also own their own stores and there are many different indie-run stores that you can shop at both in-person and online. There’s plenty of competition out there so there’s a lot of great deals out there. If you have private health insurance, then there’s a good chance that your plan might cover the full cost of your frames.

Getting your script

man getting his eye checked

When you’re looking to buy prescription glasses one of the main things to keep in mind is that you need to find options that are properly suited to your health needs, this means you need to get a thorough exam from an optometrist to make sure the script you get is properly suited to your eyes. Most people should get their eye health checked out at least every six to twelve months, although your optometrist may recommend more depending on your needs. The script you get from your optometrist will inform the types of frames you choose. Some prescriptions require heavy lenses which are not suitable for certain frames. Your optometrist will be able to tell you if the frames you choose are suitable for supporting the weight of your lenses or not and your optometrist should be able to help you find frames that feel comfortable on your face.

What you should know about lenses

When purchasing prescription glasses the first place you should begin is with deciding what kind of lenses are ideal for you. The standard lenses you’ll find with most prescription glasses are very light and perfect for most frames, but tend to be a little bit more likely to scratch although this can be managed with anti-scratch coatings. Aspheric lenses were designed to be even more lightweight than standard lenses whilst polycarbonate designs are ideal for physical activities. You’ll also find that there are many speciality designs which were created for specific purposes like reduce the strain of office environments, or for working with specific frames.

Other tips

A few important tips you should keep in mind when buying or ordering new prescription glasses is that it’s important to make sure you go through reputable providers and licensed optometrists. A licensed optometrist will be able to ensure that you get the right script and frames that fit your face. Reputable providers will also be covered by private health insurances and will have warranties and repair services available should anything go wrong, this will give you peace of mind and make replacements much more straightforward should you need a new pair of eyeglasses. Keep an eye out for special deals because many providers have great options available and will sometimes offer lenses for very low prices or even offer two for one promotions.