Why Single Parents Decide to Reach Out to Family Lawyers in Sydney


Single parents who are working through a separation know that the next days, weeks and months will be a battle.

Even if their former partner is offering concessions and is helpful with the matter, the mental stress and emotional anguish can take a real toll on mothers and fathers who feel isolated.

Making the call to reach out to family lawyers in Sydney is a sound decision for people who require guidance and support with this scenario, ensuring they have a party who will undertake a lot of the heavy lifting during this period.

Understanding Their Rights

One of the real struggles that single parents can have with these separations is failing to understand what they are entitled to. From the financial accounts that are stipulated from the relationship to ongoing support payments, homeownership, acquisition of assets like vehicles and assistance for child needs, family lawyers in Sydney are able to layout the groundwork for their constituents. Of course, concessions can be offered in good faith, but these representatives should be used to intervene before an agreement is signed and certified through the courts.

Understanding Their Responsibilities

hand of a parent and a child, child custody concept

While single parents will be afforded rights as citizens and as a mother or father, they will also have responsibilities under the law. By consulting with family lawyers in Sydney, community members will be able to learn more about what they owe in financial terms through any alimony payments as well as time spent with the child during custody and what they have to prove to the courts beyond the initial hearing dates. From a monetary standpoint and with the documentation to adhere to these provisions, participants won’t be able to cite ignorance in these settings.

Disclosing Sensitive Details In Private Session

It is not uncommon for single parents to reach out to family lawyers in Sydney simply because they want to talk about the matter in a confidential setting. While friends and family members could be compromised with a pre-existing relationship with the other spouse, these professional operators ensure 100% confidentiality. No words that are mentioned during these consultations can be used against them in court, offering a level of security and freedom to express their opinion and explore new opportunities.

Engaging Creative Solutions

If the stock standard separation agreement is not to the liking of the mother or father, then family lawyers in Sydney will be able to outline a number of different pathways that could reach a sound outcome for the client. This is often the case for participants who want to utilise mediation sessions rather than fighting through litigation cases in court. That approach helps to hand the control back over to the former couple who can sign onto an agreement in an amicable and conciliatory fashion.

Reducing Financial Pressure

When single parents are facing genuine financial hardships that will be experienced following the separation, it is imperative that they seek professional guidance on this front. Family lawyers in Sydney will be able to offer their assistance through flexible financial agreements, reducing the immediate pressure while standing firm on key positions that protects their assets. This is a common approach for those who have certain non-negotiable terms that they require intervention with family lawyers in Sydney.

Dealing With The Mundane

Time management becomes a key consideration for single mums and dads who want to be able to hand off some responsibility to a solicitor in the city. The preparation of the documents, the dealing with the legal representatives and the waiting on procedure are elements that can be outsourced. This is especially the case for parties who are already raising children by themselves and attempting to balance their own professional duties.